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Math at Home - Why it matters and what you can do!

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We all know that reading to our children develops strong literacy skills but rarely have we heard the same about math. As it turns out, spending time at home on math related activities with a child has a direct effect on their success in math at school. A 2011 TIMSS study found that having home resources for math is directly correlated to long-term achievement in mathematics.

“Internationally, the 49 percent of students whose parents Often engaged them had higher average achievement than the students whose parents only Sometimes (60%) engaged them, and the small percentage of students whose parents Almost Never did any of the activities with them had the lowest average mathematics achievement.”

And even more importantly a recent study revealed that students who don’t gain basic number knowledge before first grade will continue to fall behind in math. The study by C. Geary, Mary K. Hoard, Lara Nugent and Drew H. Bailey, found that children who don’t grasp the meaning of numerals and how to work with them before they enter first grade will fall behind their peers in math achievement, and most won’t catch up as years go by.

“The analyses thus far indicate that children who begin first grade with low number system knowledge are at heightened risk for low functional numeracy scores in seventh grade,” the authors wrote.

Equally as important is having a growth mindset , that is knowing that the most basic abilities can be developed and that intelligence can be learned thru dedication.

What can we do as parents to help our children in math? Simple! Engage in math at home. Speak with your children about numbers. Play math games in the car or bus, at night or on weekends. Make it fun. And find fun tools to help along the way!

We created The Multiples tableware for this very reason. To provide families with an easy fun way to engage in math, to breakdown those barriers at an early age and build confidence one meal at a time!

Its that simple. Just putting that cup or bowl in front of a child creates repetition and interest. It’s not “finish your peas and do your times tables!” rather a simple fun reminder that children will engage in on a daily basis, sometimes simply by looking or sometimes by playing.

Either way, every day they are getting exposure and as we have learned, exposure matters!

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