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5 Activities to Boost Your Child's Learning at Home

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1. Write Letters to Family

Writing handwritten letters to friends and family is an awesome activity to encourage good penmanship and literacy, and if they write back, reading too! Ask the recipient to include a special treat in their return letter, like a sheet of stickers or a funny photo that will excite your child and make them want to keep writing to get more in return!

2. Bathtub Markers

Combine bath-time with some easy to clean markers and you've got yourself success! Not only can your kids get clean, but they can feel like they're making a mess as they do it with bathtub markers, easy to buy or make, and even easier to clean off! Artistic expression as a child has been shown to boost educational achievement in the future.

3. The Multiples Dinnerware

Make meal time a time for learning too! The Multiples times table dinnerware are the perfect way to make any meal with your child an engaging learning experience, without making them feel as though they're doing anything but having fun and filling their bellies! Awarded with the Seal of Approval by the National Parenting Center and Top Ten Educational Products by Dr Toy.

4. Super-sized Scrabble

While a normal game of Scrabble isn't likely to keep the interest of anyone under 10, making a giant scrabble board for your yard or playroom floor will bring excitement to a game that actually helps literacy and language skills!

5. Grow a Garden

Helping your child to create their own small garden is a great way to boost curiosity and engage them in basic scientific principles, while also instilling a sense of responsibility to tend and care to other living things. Make a window box for their bedroom with a watering chart and stickers, or if you're feeling up to it plant a vegetable or herb garden with them outside and get them excited about eating something that they grew!


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