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5 Reasons Why Using The Multiples Dinnerware Will Boost Your Child's Math Skills

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1. Social Learning

The Multiples are based around the Social Learning Theory, which states that people learn in a social context, both through observation and direct instruction.

2. Encouragement

Children learn from their environment and seek acceptance from society by learning through influential models. The Multiples allows you to engage your child both by showing them how to use the plates, but also in giving them rewards to encourage them as they learn.

3. The Comforts of Home

The home has a large impact on a child’s early development, social behavior, and habits, which in turn affects a child’s future success in education. By learning to work through problems in a safe place such as the home, children will be better prepared to deal with learning throughout the entirety of their lives.

4. Early Introduction

According to “Trends in International Maths and Study”, published in 2012, “fourth grade students had high mathematics achievement if their parents reported that they often engaged in early numeracy activities with their children, that their children attended preschool, and that they started school able to do early numeracy tasks.

5. Easy to Implement

The Multiples are both learning tools and functional plates, bowls, and cups, meaning you as a parent can make a difference in your child’s education regardless of budget or time restraints.

We recommend starting with our first of three curriculum sets. As your child masters their times tables, move up to the next level! Click below to view and purchase each set:


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