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Early Years Set Receives Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center

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We're excited to share that our Early Years Set has been named a Seal of Approval Winner by parent advocacy organization The National Parenting Center! Parents were impressed by both the quality of the products as well as the interest held by children:

"Parent testers found this unique set of tableware to be both cute and innovative. For starters, the quality of the plates and cups are first rate. Very sturdy (virtually impossible to break), they hold up through lots of trips through the dishwasher with no color fading, and they are BPA free. As for the designs and the concept behind the set, it is equally good. Adorable characters draw children’s attention and while children in the suggested age range are not even close to learning multiplication, it did spark and interest in the numbers and how they go together. This was truer for children on the higher side of the suggested age, children who are beyond preschool and are already working with numbers in kindergarten. Many parents told us that their older children liked the set as well so perhaps you will want to adjust your suggested age to suit your own family needs."

We agree that the best way to use The Multiples is to mix and match to fit your child's current numeracy level. We offer the Curriculum Sets in both Middle and Later Years as well, along with the option to mix and match platesbowls, and tumblers

Happy learning!


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