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How It Works

the multiples plateThe Multiples believe everyone can do math! We have created 12 quirky multinational characters each with a favorite number from 1-12 to encourage children to become social, emotional and numerate.

How does the Multiples tableware work?

Exposure matters! The more children are exposed to an idea, thought, or visual experience the more they will learn. And the more they learn, the more confident they become!

Children use the Multiples Tableware in many ways. Often they make up their own games and develop a dialogue with their peers or parents. The options are limitless! Be it skip counting, adding or subtracting around the dishes, or making the connection that each number on the plate matches it’s multiple with the clock pattern, children will amaze us with their creativity and interest!

So while there is no right or wrong way to engage The Multiples tableware, here are a few thoughts and ideas!

Count the dice, ain’t that nice?

3, 6, 9, skip counting is mighty fine!

Train the brain by glancing at the dots and recognizing the count.

Be a whiz at your times tables - the building blocks for math!


What better place than the dining table for children to explore the world of numbers while interacting with their friends and family.


They don’t necessarily know that they are learning new information, but they are surrounded with knowledge to absorb everyday. Both of my children, ages 5.5 and 3, were thrilled to see these plates. After one meal my son was counting by fives. One meal! They are always excited to see what animal is hiding under their food. Now that my son has mastered counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s he has asked me to get plates for counting by 3’s and 6’s. I asked my son for his formal review and he said “These plate are AWESOME!”.

The Multiples tableware are not meant to substitute any existing curriculums or practices, rather to provide a social medium whereby every child can build a connection with numbers. We hope your children love The Multiples tableware as much as our own children do!


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