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Our Story

the multiples plate‘theMultiples’ “times table dinnerware” and associated accessories was created by David and Jo Clancy, who have worked in the U.K. educational sector for 16 and 32 years respectively.

Their interest in building a bridge between formal numeracy learning in a classroom context and “social learning” - the term which is now used to describe learning which occurs informally through close contact, imitation, role model and understanding, lead to the creation of our 12 quirky characters known as ‘theMultiples’.

Our aim is not to replace any individuals’ or institution's favored tools, games or strategies to help teach numeracy. Instead we aim to use the unique dinnerware products and accessories to blend all of these into the actual social life of the school and the home and in so doing, to break down the unnecessary psychological, emotional and social barriers, blockages and fears which seem to stop children from being entirely comfortable, if not in love, with numbers from a very young age.

Our products took several years to develop and have launched successfully in over 90 schools in the UK- including Wetherby Preparatory School where Prince William and Prince Harry are alumni – garnering industry praise and national press.

David has partnered with two Vermonters with global expertise in product distribution and multi-national business to bring The Multiples to life in the US and Asia.


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