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Product Safety


Both consumers and retailers should rest assure that all theMultiples products contains no BPA. Equally, theMultiples and its representatives monitor Federal and State government legislation limiting the amount of Phthalates in certain children's products. theMultiples meets or exceeds all Federal and State laws and regulations pertaining to children's products and will continue to monitor legal developments going forward.

theMultiples and its representatives are focused on bringing products to the marketplace that are created with safety and high quality as the ultimate priority. Product testing for safety and quality is an ongoing endeavor. We test our products with leading global analytics companies in line with Federal and State laws as well as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.

We encourage all consumers and retailers to fully examine all safety issues surrounding children's products. If you would like more information please contact theMultiples at salesusa@themultiples.com.


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