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"theMultiples dinnerware is effective in continuing learning at home. Parents, grandparents, and homeschoolers have had solid success making the multiplication tables into social learning by using the images from the plates and cups for discussion."

"Mathematics no longer has to be relegated to solitary, sometimes frustrating, study. Numbers can be fun; we just have to treat them that way."

"There’s so many different ways you can flip these Multiples plates and cups but the key element is that learning will take place."

"These are a great gift for your niece or nephew, your cousin or your kids. Kids love plates that have characters on them. Parents love these because the kids are learning."

"This simple idea is a perfect way to teach multiplication through social learning, because it exposes children to math during mealtime, so they associate it with fun, food and family."

"A fun and practical way to learn your times tables!"

"These dishes serve up math in a palatable way in a social setting that can’t help but improve a student’s relationship with numbers."

"Parent testers found this unique set of tableware to be both cute and innovative. For starters, the quality of the plates and cups are first rate. Very sturdy (virtually impossible to break), they hold up through lots of trips through the dishwasher with no color fading, and they are BPA free."

"Kids get ready to meet the Multiples as you sip your milk, down your cereal or have a sandwich! Our mom said, “Cute” while her son said, “Wow,” when they saw the Early Year Set. “Hey, they’re counting by 2″s” another piped in."

"The kids approve of the Times Tables Plates. Make learning fun at your home too!"

"Days after we began using the dishes, I came downstairs and I was greeted by my daughter saying, “Mom, three plus three plus three is nine.”"

"I absolutely enjoyed this set of dishes, and I already have my eyes on The Later Years set for the future. I would highly recommend using the items to help reinforce math concepts over the summer, when kids can get out of practice with their math skills."

"These are such great products! Before my blogging/mommy days I was an elementary and preschool teacher. I knew then, and I can see now that children are sponges. They don’t necessarily know that they are learning new information, but they are surrounded with knowledge to absorb everyday."

"Both of my children, ages 5.5 and 3, were thrilled to see these plates. After one meal my son was counting by fives. One meal! They are always excited to see what animal is hiding under their food."

"I asked my son for his formal review and he said “These plate are AWESOME!”."

“The dishware is great, even my 4 year old is starting to memorize some of the facts just by having them in front of him. I love the shape and size of the cups, easy for small hands to hold. Nice that they’re dishwasher safe too."

"A set of dinnerware from The Multiples would be a perfect gift! It’s a fully functional, something everyone uses (everyday, many times a day) and it’s educational. It checks all the important boxes."

"Here’s proof that learning your times tables doesn’t have to be drudgery!"

"They turn mealtime into a fun opportunity for kids to familiarize themselves with basic math facts"

"My kids LOVE them -- they insist on eating out of them every meal. I asked my 4-year-old son today why he liked them so much, and he said "because they help me learn my numbers, and I love numbers!""

"The constant exposure to the number patterns in a fun, unassuming way is allowing her to learn without feeling the pressure of memorization."

"Kids are natural mathematicians through play. Open ended, playful exploration with The Multiples Tableware Sets encourage children to learn math concepts like numbers, counting, patterns and of course, multiplication."
- Beth D., Elementary School Teacher

From the Headmaster at Cumnor Prep School in Danehill, Sussex

Posted in PR release by Christian Heinrich on 21st December 2011: “This is a great idea. Anything which turns a repetitive, boring chore into something children love, has to be worth trying.”  

From a Teacher in Sussex, Year 2

Hi David, These plates really do work! Using them at lunch, the children are keen to engage one another with multiplication problems. I will also be using them as a classroom resource, collecting groups of objects on the appropriate multiplication plate for younger children; using as a testing tool for older children where they can teach their partner using the dots around the edge and the table in the centre if they get the answer wrong. Great for classroom and dining hall at school. Well done and thank you! Jacqui F

From a Teacher 

Dear David

, My school has been using 'The Multiples' times-table plates for a number of weeks now.
The initial response was fabulous, but what I find even more impressive is that the children remain 
delighted with the plates and their characters! The children associate each character with a times-table,
making it so much easier for them to recall each set of tables. 

What a clever social learning skill ! I am amazed it has not been done before. These plates and characters
have brought times-tables to life. Gone are the tedious rote learning sessions. Those are now replaced with a natural, free flowing discussion about numbers and their properties. The most useful detail on the plates is the visual build up of the times-tables around the edge of each plate. This means that even children as young as four are starting to not only visualise the tables, but learn some too.

These plates work for a range of ages at each table because they introduce even the trickiest tables in a 
manner that is fun and by no means intimidating. The children seem to thrive on being able to learn something for themselves, and to have the opportunity to test and teach one another.

What an ingenious learning tool...and the children don't even realise they are learning!


From a Parent

Dear David, We bought a couple of your plates at the Christmas Fayre. I just wanted to let you know that they are a great success - the boys are so interested in the numbers and ask me about them, and take pleasure in reciting them while they eat.  I am definitely going to speak to Jo about getting the rest of the set.  I am all for products which help the home to become a learning environment where children can be enthusiastic about learning for themselves without parents having to push them into it.  These are brilliant! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Gini D-P

From an Aunt

Hi David! Just to let you know that Professor One Hoot arrived yesterday - excellent delivery services! My nephew is going to love it. Jess S


From a Child, Age 4

Child: "Miss, I can't see the numbers because the gravy is in the way"   Teacher: "That's alright, you can count the tables with the numbers around the edge of the plate"   Child, (looking in awe): "Oh yes!!!!"


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